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Our Services



"Send it into Orbit" 

A leader in the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) industry since 1965, 
Orbit Industries offers a wide range of inspection solutions on materials, from the smallest configuration through 5 tons, in the following testing methods: 


Liquid Penetrant

Magnetic Particle

Chemical Processing

By utilizing our supply chain knowledge, we ensure we are succeeding for every customer we service, via the integrity of our personnel and the quality of our systems and processes.







“ Orbit Industries has always provided me with prompt and professional service for over 10 years. The people are dedicated, courteous, and have treated me with nothing but professionalism. In addition, they offer technical advice, when needed, in regards to aerospace applications and specifications. It’s nice to work with people who put a priority on establishing and maintaining good working relationships and making my orders a top priority. ”

- Ann Hendershot, Service Steel Aerospace

“ FPD Company has been using Orbit for over ten years now. We are very pleased with their performance. We receive our quotes quickly. The lead-times are very quick and notify you if there is a delay. Orbit is willing to go the extra mile to help us with all of our customer requirements. ”

- Christy Mudry, FPD Company





News and Events

Orbit has obtained additional Boeing approval to Specification ASTM E2375 for Ultrasonic Testing.

The following codes have been added to the Boeing D1-4426 for Orbit: 

Code 436E for Flat Surfaces 
Code 437C for Round and Curved Shapes


Orbit Industries Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Orbit Industries, Inc. is proud to announce its 50th year anniversary as one of the leading providers of Nondestructive testing (NDT) services to national Aerospace and Defense Contractors. Nondestructive testing is one of the key tools used to confirm the quality of aerospace and aircraft components. For major domestic and international manufacturers, Orbit tests critical parts such as landing gears, jet engine supports, engine components, and hundreds of other critical parts. Orbit commemorated the 50th year milestone with a series of employee events and an open house that their customers, vendors, and community officials attended.