A wide variety of aluminum, titanium, steel alloys, and other metals move through our facilities continuously. We routinely inspect pre-form shapes, sheet, plate, billet, bar, rod, tubing forgings and machined parts. Our knowledge and testing experience spans over four decades. You can feel confident choosing Orbit Industries as your sole provider of NDT services. Orbit Industries offers NDT services in the following methods:     

Ultrasonic    Liquid Penetrant   Magnetic Particle  Chemical Processing

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NDT of Aerospace Components Image of airplane mid take off against clear blue sky

Nondestructive testing is one of the key tools used to confirm the quality of aerospace and aircraft components. 

For major domestic and international firms, we test parts such as landing gears, jet engine supports, engine components, and hundreds of other critical parts.

Our experienced and qualified inspectors can perform NDT on metal in sheet, rod, or other forms; in both semi-finished and finished machine parts. All inspection is done to required
specifications by any of our several nondestructive testing methods.

Technical Services 

To make certain that your NDT needs are processed in an efficient manner, we provide pre-inspection planning. All procedures, technical planning, and coordination with inspection personnel can be completed prior to material arriving.

Technical Services works with our office staff to ensure complete and accurate information is provided for your order and that any issues that may arise are handled expeditiously. You can feel confident that your project is being carefully followed from arrival to completion.