Our knowledgeable staff is capable of meeting your Non Destructive Testing (NDT) needs and inspection requirements with competence and precision. The inspection personnel at our various locations operate modern and sophisticated test equipment, which is consistently upgraded to exceed industry technical standards. Over the years, our equipment, together with our experienced personnel, has permitted us to develop innovative techniques to help solve challenging inspection circumstances. In addition, the support staff in our Office and Traffic departments are dedicated to following your project through all stages of the inspection process, from the time it is received until your product ships out. 

A large percentage of our customer base have worked with us for more than 20 years. These long standing relationships are built on the trust they have placed in the experience of our inspectors and integrity of our support staff. Accuracy, unwavering service, and dependability serve as our greatest strengths. We would like to speak with you to discuss your organization's NDT needs. Please contact us and we’ll respond quickly and courteously. 


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Our Team

Robert Aleksandrovic, Chief Operating Officer 
Robert has a Bachelor’s degree from Heidelberg University in Business Management and Political Science. He has been associated with Orbit since the 1980’s and began his full-time career here in 1992. Robert has experience in Ultrasonic, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Visual Inspection, and Eddy Current. He manages Orbit Industries and all its subsidiaries utilizing the Toyota Production System and his knowledge of quality systems.   

John D. Alexandrovic, Chief Executive Officer
Since joining Orbit in 1967, John has gained progressive experience in the field of NDT and holds an ASNT Level III certification in Ultrasonic, Liquid Penetrant, and Magnetic Particle inspection. He also serves as a Level III inspector for a number of aerospace primes. John has been a shareholder of Orbit Industries since 1980 and is currently its majority owner.

Gary White, Quality Manager
Gary has been with Orbit since 1980, beginning his career in our grinding department before moving into the Ultrasonic department.  He transitioned from the role of managing the Ultrasonic department in 2001 to our Quality Manager. He is responsible for Orbit Industries and all of our subsidiaries. Since 2004, Gary has been active within Nadcap. He is a supplier voting member in the NDT Task Group and Nadcap Management Council. He is also active with the Supplier Support Committee as the Sub-Team Lead for the Task Group Representatives.

Una Alexandrovic, Human Resources/EHS
Una brings her experience as a registered nurse to lead our HR and EHS departments. She continues to focus her efforts implementing policies and programs which benefit the health or our employees and insure a safe work environment.  

Chris Joy Sr., Magnetic Particle/Liquid Penetrant Flowpath Manager
Chris’ career in NDT started in 1979 with Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspection at Orbit. He holds an ASNT Level III Certification in Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspection, is a MIL-STD-2132 Test Examiner for Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspection, and is a participating member in ASTM.  Chris also has extensive knowledge in Chemical Processing, Ultrasonic, Visual and Dimensional Inspection, Hydro and Pressure Testing, Weld Inspection, machining, and manufacturing.

Chris Joy Jr., Level III and Magnetic Particle/Penetrant Team Leader: Chris started his career at Orbit in 1998 and has worked his way through to hold current ASNT Level III certificates for Magnetic Particle and Penetrant inspection. He is also currently the Team Leader in those departments. Additionally, he has recently obtained his test examiner status for MIL-STD-2132 for both Magnetic Particle and Penetrant testing.

Colin Duns, Ultrasonic Flowpath Manager
Colin began his career at Orbit in 2004 and is an ASTN/NAS 410/2132 Ultrasonic Level II.  Colin has been leading our Ultrasonic department since 2013.  He has knowledge in all facets of UT inspection systems at Orbit and external experience leading many of our off-site inspection teams. 

Mark Seifert, Traffic Manager
Mark joined Orbit in 2014 as a member of our shipping/receiving team, where he later progressed to Traffic Team Leader. He currently manages the operation of our Traffic department. 

Linda Simpson, Quoting
Linda is a graduate of Miami University and has been with Orbit since 1995, where she began as a Quality Assurance Representative and later moved to the role of Office Manager. She is presently responsible for quoting.  

Dan Alexandrovic, Maintenance Manager/Project Manager
Dan began his career at Orbit in 2010 after decades of experience in the construction industry.  Dan leads all internal maintenance and NDT sustainability/reliability efforts along with managing all independent new system project management. 

Ed Bliumentalis, Controller 
Ed joined Orbit as controller in 2011 and has been instrumental in leading our cost accounting system and maintaining our purchase order system for consumables. He is a Cleveland State University graduate, bringing three decades of controller and management experience in major banking markets. 

Jennifer Gentile, Office Manager
Jennifer has worked at Orbit since 2008 and has been an integral participant in many facets of Orbit. She has managed our Automotive Wheel Line and supported the MT/PT flowpath. From there she assumed the role of Lead Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) in our office and is currently the Office Manager.