On-Site Inspection

Orbit specializes in the on-site inspection of open and closed Die Forging Presses. We have been inspecting Forge Press components for over 45 years, from simple routine inspections through comprehensive tear downs; we are the Forge Press component inspection experts.

Our inspection personnel are also able to conduct on-site NDT inspection services to virtually any type of material, configuration and inspection required by our customers. We have assisted on everything from specialized inspection to part segregation.  When these types of issues arise, call Orbit. If we cannot help, we may be able to direct you to the organization that will be able to meet your specific needs.

Customer Partnerships

Throughout our company history, we have assisted numerous customers via internal NDT labor support, involving both inspection and quality assistance. We have the experience and aptitude for collaboration that allows us to execute an effective partnership. The following formats are a few examples of how these business relationships have been previously structured: 

 Orbit is responsible for maintaining the personnel and NDT systems, while
 our customer owns all NDT equipment/capital.  
 Orbit sustains the labor and quality system as an independent NDT lab. The focus
 is on our customer's product. However, there is the potential to work together to 
 make the partnership a revenue generating operation by offering inspection  services
 to other entities. 
 Inspection takes place at our customer's location, where Orbit personnel is
 integrated within their operations to provide independent certification of product. 









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