Customer Spotlight: Aubert & Duval

Image of business man in suit pointing to text that illustrates good customer service. Quality Assurance, reliability, relationship, cost effectiveness, timely delivery.
As a service company providing the essential testing which confirms the quality of aerospace components, Orbit considers the satisfaction of our customers to be the central building block of our business. Many of the long standing relationships we have cultivated have been decades in the making.The feedback we receive from our customers drives our internal discipline and commitment to continuous improvement.

One such customer is Aubert & Duval (A & D). Founded in 1907 in Paris, France, Aubert & Duval is a part of the alloys branch of the Eramet group. They supply metallurgical solutions in the aerospace, energy, and medical industries. Specifically, they focus on the development, melting, and hot processing of various steels and alloys.

Orbit Industries has been inspecting forgings, via Ultrasonic testing, for Aubert & Duval since July of 2011. In that time, we have developed a strong relationship with A&D staff and proven that we are capable of providing superior NDT services with in the global marketplace. Orbit recently received a Supplier Performance Summary for the work completed in 2016 for Aubert Duval, in which it was reported that we scored 100% across 3 metrics. In quality, recovery, and on-time delivery, Orbit provided the highest level of service possible. We greatly value the positive feedback and will strive to meet these same standards in the coming year.