Chemical Processing

Nital Etch (NE) inspection is a method which submerges the part in a series of acidic solutions to look for specific types of surface defects. It can detect flaws such as:

  • Grinding burns
  • Areas of over-tempering
  • Over-hardening
  • Defects caused by abusive grinding or machining

The test is conducted after final heat treat to determine if a part has been overheated from any localized machining processes. If overheating has occurred, etching will detect variations in the surface condition. Softer surface areas will appear darker than harder surface areas, which will appear white. A post processing bake is performed following inspection.

Pre-Penetrant Etch
Etching is also utilized to clean parts of metal smearing prior to penetrant inspection. Processes such as machining, sanding, and grit blasting may cause metal to smear on a part, obstructing an indication that would normally be open to the surface. A minimal portion of the surface material is removed during the etching process that will allow the penetrant dye to flow into present surface defects. 


Chemical Processing services are offered at the following locations: 

Orbit Industries, Inc.
6840 Lake Abram Drive, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 

 Primary Inspection Services  Additional Services Available: 
 Nital Etch   Saw Cutting
      4' x 4' x 6' system   Grinding
 Grit Blast   Indication Removal
 Vapor Degrease      Level III Consulting
   Technical Services
 Pre-Penetrant Etch   
      Aluminum/Steel/Titanium Etching   


OrbitNDT-Bedford Heights 
23800 Corbin Drive, Bedford Heights, OH 44128

 Primary Inspection Services  Additional Services Available: 
 Nital Etch   Shot Peening (via National Peening, same facility)
      5' x 5' x 15' system   Blasting
 Grit Blast   
 Aqueous Part Cleaning   

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