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Image of an arrow that describes Orbit's process for each job. Job travels along the arrow through receiving, job card, inspection, certification, shipping, and finally to invoicing

P= Primary Contact, S= Secondary Contact 
Please allow 30 minutes for a response before contacting next level

6840 Lake Abram Drive, Middleburg Heights, OH 44133
Phone: 440-243-3311, Fax: 440-243-3379

 Quoting  (P) Linda Simpson: Ext. 205   (S) Robert Aleksandrovic: Ext. 206  
 Traffic   (P) Christina Torchia: Ext. 202  (S) Deidra MacGillis: Ext. 215
 Job Card   (P) General QAR Mailbox  (S) Jennifer Gentile: Ext. 212
 Inspection  Ultrasonic
 (P) Colin Duns: Ext. 209
 (S) John McGoun:  Ext. 209
 Inspection  Magnetic Particle/Liquid Penetrant/Chemical Processing 
 (P) Chris Joy: Ext. 207 
 Magnetic Particle/Liquid Penetrant/Chemical Processing
 (S) Chris Joy Jr.: Ext. 207 
 Certification  (P) General QAR Mailbox  (S) Jennifer Gentile: Ext. 212
 Invoicing  (P) JoAnn Lindemann: Ext. 204   (S) Linda Simpson: Ext. 205 
 Corrective Action/Technical Issues  (P) Gary White: Ext. 201   (S) John Alexandrovic: Ext. 220 


 Emergency Contact 
 Robert Aleksandrovic, Chief Operating Officer 
 440-243-3311 Ext. 206


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